Huntington Dog Beach: Dog Surfing

Surf Up! Shake It Off!

For those of you wishing for warmer weather … sharing Sugar’s beach photo and "shake it off" video from Huntington Beach,CA (Surfs City). On Friday, we … [Read More...]

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Dry or Canned Dog Food

Dry or Canned Dog Food: Which Is better For Your Dog? #HolisticSelect

Is there a difference feeding your dog dry or canned dog food? Sugar has been fed dry dog food since she was a young pup. I typically moisten her dry food with warm water. Last year, I’ve given her canned dog food and she seems to like it. I’m always intrigued to know which is […]

Must Haves Walk Run With Your Dog

Must Haves for Your Walk or Run With Your Dog

If you have a dog, you got the best walking or running buddy. Walking or running together provides long term health benefits for you and your dog. Also, walking or running are the least expensive and convenient way to get fit. Here are … 6 Must Haves For Your Walk or Run With Your Dog […]

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Buckle-Up Dog Harness Sleepypod