Mischief Master Class Book Review

Mischief means playfulness behaviors that is intended to tease and/or create trouble.
I know many bloggie friends that enjoy playful behaviors and I’m one of them.
Every Monday, we get together on a blog hop and share our Mischievous behaviors.
One of the creator of the Monday Mischief Blog Hop, Snoopy and and his mom Annette
had an idea … a Mischief BOOK. They finally finished it.

It’s a global compilation of mischievous behaviors mostly by dogs
but surprisingly includes two cats and a turtle.
Mischievous behaviors are re-told in 20 Amusing Rules that Snoopy and her mom formulated.
These rules are not just ordinary rules, but are very helpful to be a Mischief Master.
I’m in the book, Rule #19 : Ever Considered It Could Be A Co-incidence?
Hilarious and had lots of Golden Laughs.
It’s a guarantee that will bring laughter to you too.
An added bonus is to be able to read Snoopy’s tidbits of mischievousness on each of the rules.
(We are not sure if this is the sneaky bit of Mischief that Snoopy intentionally put in his book.)

Mischief Master Class is a must read, 4 Golden PAWS!

It’s available in Amazon as an e-book.
50% of the book profits will help and support the Therapy Pet Charities.

Many Golden Thanks to Snoopy and especially to his mom Annette for creating this book.

Lots of Golden LVE n Woofs


  1. says

    HIya Sugar! Mom’s been reading the book and she laughs a lot as she reads it…She’s not letting me in on the secrets yet, so I’ll have to sneak her Kindle out while she’s sleeping *snoogles*

  2. says

    Hey Sugar, Jet here.

    Mom showed me a sneak peak during her editing process and we both had a giggle as we read your submission. So glad you enjoyed the book; Snoopy and Miss Annette have such talent, don’t they? We hope lots and lots of humans purchase the book to help therapy dogs!!!

  3. Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning says

    Thanks for telling us about this fun book. Lightning is the Master of Mischief here.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Frankie Furter and Ernie says

    If my mom was still working as a School Librarian… she would order a bunch of these. I’ll bet KIDS would Love them.

  5. says

    Oh Sugar, that really sounds like a great book! Only made betters with your Lovely face! I loves that some of the proceeds go to such a great cause!!


  6. says

    We’re so excited too Sugar! Freddie is in the book too, but we have to wait for the paperback to come out as we don’t have a reader. We can’t wait to get copies for our grandkids! :)

  7. Sarge says

    Hey Sugar!
    Wow, what a fun book idea! I would love to learn more about causing mischief. BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  8. says

    Sugar what a great idea for a book and such fun…Mom will have to check it out..’cause she is wondering if it includes instructions for correcting said mischief. MOL
    Hugs your BFFF

  9. says

    Oh Sugar,

    I’m SO happy you enjoyed the book buddy!! Thank you so much for your review – you are just the sweetest!!

    I loved that you got to ‘help’ your Mom read the book – I hope you got a few new Mischief ideas?!

    I’m working really hard on the paperback version and it should be on Amazon really, really soon, just the last few stages to get through! :)

    I didn’t realize you are also a Therapy Dog, you already make me smile, I bet people can’t help but smile when they get to hang out with you for real!! :)

    You’re awesome,

    Thanks again,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  10. says

    Yay! I am in the book too, chapter 20. What a great book! I am going to post on it down the road when the initial hype wears off to hopefully keep sales going :)

  11. says

    I can’t wait to read this! But mummy is old fashioned and is waiting for the paperback so I’ll be the last doggy to read it:-(

  12. says

    We are so excited to get copies of the book for Christmas presents. Can’t wait to read it. My Vickie doesnt have a kindle so we are waiting for the printed version.

    hope you are well


  13. says

    hihi miss sugar!
    i like your book recommendation cuz i am all about the mischieviosities! teeheehee, i’ll have to get my mama to help me read it over christmas breakies cuz she isn’t gonna be much funsies until her finals are over!

    the booker man