Wordless Wednesday: I Believe I Can FLY

Lots of Golden LVE n Woofs

*Photo was taken as part of my Wish Granted, ChuckIt To The Test post.*

I invite you to check my post tomorrow and I’ll share my favorite Maui Beaches.


  1. says

    Teehee oh sugar! You really are flying! It must be fun to get to play in all that water, especially if your a dog that like is (cough)kirby(cough). Cute as ever! Look at that golden hair fly! Do you live near a beach?

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    Hey Sugar, Jet here.

    Each time we think your Mom has reached a photographing pinnacle (VBP) she outdoes herself right away… Gorgeous. :)

  3. says

    Wow…amazing photo! I have to wonder what my little cairn terrier would ever do if she saw an ocean. I think she might FLY in the other direction, poor little girl. Leads a much too sheltered life in Texas!