{DIY} Black n White Dog Wall Art

What’s on your wall? I bet you got photographs of your family.
How about your dog? Your dog definitely deserves a space on our wall.

In my home, Mickey Mouse and Michael Jordan have their own wall and you bet I got my own wall. Well, multiple walls as I am going to have another one in the office room. My mom loves the beauty of black n white photos. She collected several black n white photos of me from joining the Sunday Black n White hop and wanted to create a Black n White photo wall of me. One of her favorite black n white photo of me was taken last February. We shared it and titled our post “Standing Strong Like A Pillar.”

Printcopia Sugar's Canvas Photo: Sugar The Golden Retriever

When Printcopia contacted us if we are interested to print a photo on canvas, mom immediately though of the black n white wall she was meaning to do in the office room. Printcopia can convert your color photo into black n white but there’s an additional fee. My mom just simply uploaded a black n white photo and it worked fine. This is not the first time I had my photos printed on canvas so we knew what to expect in ordering/processing. Mom always orders the canvas image to wrap around the sides of the frame. It is good especially if the photo has lots of negative space around the edges. The canvas print looks lighter than the original photos but changed once placed on the wall. We are very pleased and Lots of Golden Thanks to Printcopia for the inspiration of our Black n White Dog Art Wall.

DIY Black n White Dog Wall Art: Sugar The Golden Retriever

How To Display Black n White Photos?

Find a WALL. The color of the wall is the vital element in displaying your photos. For example: your display will be bold and dramatic if you use dark color frames on a lighter wall.

1) Draw/Sketch out how you will display your photos. Mark the middle and that will serve as the midpoint of your 1st photo placement. The key is to treat the wall space as one large picture, with separate elements. Alignment is also important. Many like symmetrically display but to have a clean classy look a straight line perception of the frames is an option.

2) Gather your PHOTOS and find FRAMES. There are many ready made black or white frames you can find at the craft stores. You can also use/add a matting in your frame.  Just a rule mom learned when she took a framing class: Frames are not a necessity when you are displaying your black and white photos. If you opt to skip the frames, don’t skip the matting. Matting serves as a frame for your photos. In our DIY, we just use matting.

3) Layout your sketch with the actual photos/frames on a flat surface. Long table or on the floor is a good place.

4) Hang your display on the wall. You may use a blue painters tape first. Adjust the photo placement as needed and necessary. Then once you accomplished the display you want, you can use hanging strips.
5) Admire your black n white wall art.
Admiring Black n White Photo Wall: Sugar The Golden Retriever

Golden LOVE it!
Mom said I got more black n white photos and for sure she’ll be adding more to this wall. Majority of the photos mom selected were taken when we lived in HI last year. One of the photo (upper right) was taken at my favorite Thompson Road just after Miss Oprah greeted us.

Black n White Dog Wall Art: Sugar The Golden Retriever

Hope you enjoyed our DIY Black N White Dog Wall Art.
We have broken the rules again of Black n White Sunday blog hop.

Lots of Golden Thanks to Printcopia for my
Standing Strong Like A Pillar Black n White Canvas Print.

Disclaimer: Printcopia offered to print a photo of Sugar on a canvas for a review. Golden Woofs: Sugar The Golden Retriever was not compensated for this product review.

Lots of Golden LVE n Woofs

I’m Joining Black & White Sunday blog hop hosted by My Life in Blog Years,
Dachshund Nola and You Did What With Your Weiner.

Have a FUN Sunday!


  1. says

    That is very cool. I don’t have a wall. But there sure are a lot of photos of me around the house. Butt I think making a wall would be very cool and MOM agrees. I think I see a DIY project in our future. At least I hope so.

  2. says

    You know, I really don’t have very many pictures up. I really should get some printed off of the chi’s and hang them up.

  3. says

    I LOVE your wall! Looks like you picked some really great pictures for it and it came out beautifully. Of course, with Sugar as the subject, how could you go wrong? :)

  4. says

    Wow! Your very own wall! Our humans need to take decorating tips from you! Finally put you on our blog roll. Though you’re a dog, we’re warming up to allowing some dogs around (don’t tell anyone!)

  5. MadSnapper says

    my living room has 4 8×10 of Jake and Baby over the sofa and one kitchen wall is our dog memory wall of our 4 dogs we have had in 28 years

  6. says

    Very impressed with your B&W wall, Sugar! Thanks for the tut, I’m going to study it properly tomorrow and work on something similar. I’ve had a few canvas prints done but only the 1 black and white so far. Happy Sunday :)

  7. says

    That is a beautiful and very happy wall Sugar! We have several photos throughout the house but we sure don’t have our own wall.

  8. says

    those pictures are all gorgeous. our mom loves black and white photos too. we re all over the walls of the house in fact she is running out of space, but no canvas prints we need to get onher about that

    urban hounds

  9. says

    What a great idea – we have framed drawings of the boys that I did or others have done scattered all over the house, and some horses too. In our library we have the memorial wall for all the Golden’s I have had.


  10. says

    What a fantastic idea. I love DIY projects. And this is something that would be fun to do. Thanks for sharing. Happy BW Sunday!
    ~Rebecca & Teach

  11. Frankie and Ernie says

    Rules are Meant to be broken and you did it in such an ARTISTIC way that no one will care. Love your array of SWEET SUGARness.

  12. says

    That is a great idea, Sugar. Your special wall is just beautiful. Mom has a wall in the upstairs hall where each section is dedicated to photos of her three children and families – needs some updating now though:)

    Happy B & W Sunday.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  13. says

    You and your mom are amazingly creative! Sometimes mom thinks she is finally pretty creative and then she goes to your post and bang…back to the drawing board! What a wonderful post and wonderful photos as always! Woof :)

  14. Dee says

    Wow, Sugar! That’s amazing. What a professional design all dedicated to YOU! Now we know what to surround the bookcases with in this house.

  15. says

    Mom says we need a bigger apartment in order for me to have a wall. There are a lot of photos of me in frames in the wall unit, but no wall. Mom has art on the walls and she likes the artists.

    I think the pictures of me are better than the lithos by Dali and others. We have agreed to disagree on that until we move to a bigger place. With real estate the way it is in NYC that may be never.

    Hugs and licks, BJ Pup

  16. says

    What a beautiful wall of photos Sugar! We love all the photos! We have Mickey Mouse around our house too since our mommy is a Disney nut. We also have lots of photos of us and our sisfur Sadie too!

  17. says

    Wow Sugar you beat us to it. We were just about to do a wall for all the cool stuff Molly gets. Thanks for the tips. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  18. says

    Those are some great photos Sugar! Our pawrents USED to have photos all over the house of us and family members. But then they bought a digital picture frame and moved all the photos there and mom says she looks at them more often now. Mom said something about dusting. We’re not sure what that is since we have never seen her do it.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Ambassadors of Love

  19. Duncan Breazeale says

    Wow. You have a whole wall to yourself. That is awesome!!! Thanks for the how to!

  20. says

    Oh Sugar, I LOVE(!) your black & white white wall collage. We want to do something like this, and the dogdad around here says that he wants to be the one to do it. He’s pretty creative, so I’m going to let him have at it. But I’m going to show him yours to help him with ideas.

  21. says

    Your Mom created a lovely wall collage Sugar…What a great way to fill a wall with something meaningful and beautiful to enjoy. Have to thank you again for teaching me about the “splash of color”…I’ve had a lot of fun with it

  22. says

    Great post and great pics! Now I want to do this! I am hoping to pain my bedroom next week while I am on vacation. How fun it would be to do black and white like you did. Great idea!

    Sugar – I can see why your mom puts your pictures up on a wall. They’re beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  23. says

    That looks fabulous!

    I have tons of dog photos throughout our house (neighbors probably think we are a bit weird) as well as photo books!

  24. says

    You rule-breaker you! I’m glad you broke the B&W Sunday rules cuz this is a great idea. Although I don’t know if i could get it to come out as well as you’ve done. Looks amazing!

  25. says

    Hi Everyone!

    I just wanted to reach out and say that if anyone else is interested in a product review opportunity with Printcopia, please feel free to contact me directly! my email: partners[at]printcopia[dot]com

    Thank you so much and great post, Sugar!

  26. millerandrea says

    I appreciate your thought dog definitely deserves a space on our wall, i have seen many blogs where blog owners have written about their dog and many person have decorate their homes wall with their lovely dogs. It’s really a nice post, keep it up..