#ScoopThatPoop: Be A Scooper Hero

Being a dog owner, dog poop in unavoidable. It is unpleasant to see un-scooped dog poop on ground and even more unpleasant to step in.

#ScoopThatPoop : Be Scooper Hero

Dogs can’t pick up their poop.  It is every dog owner’s responsibility to clean up after their dog. Be The Scooper Hero, No Excuses to leave your dog’s poop on the ground.

#ScoopThatPoop : Be A Scooper Hero from Golden Woofs on Vimeo.

Dogster has teamed up with Golden Woofs’s Scoop That Poop to raise awareness for the importance of picking up after your dog. Below is an info graphic created by Dogster. Share it on your blog and social media. Use the hashtag #ScoopThatPoop to spread the word.

5 Reasons Why Dog Owners Must Scoop That Poop

#ScoopThatPoop Infographic

We invite you to join us to educate and raise awareness to make a positive change in the world,  #Scoop That Poop. Follow @Scoop_That_Poop on twitter
and check out Scoop That Poop Campaign site.

This is the 2nd Scoop That Poop blog hop. Golden Thanks and find some time to visit all the participants.

Lots of Golden LVE n Woofs


  1. says

    Thanks Sugar! Love the video and infographic and will be sharing it throughout the day! I think this is a tremendous campaign to bring awareness to dog owners about our important responsibilities.

  2. says

    I can’t thank you enough for the inspiration to make a positive change, Sugar. I didn’t think i could write another post about poop for this hop so soon after the last one but I did and whats more important I did something great for my community! Can I borrow your cape?

  3. says

    I love your cape Sugar! I tried to get mom to make me one, but her cape-making skills leave much to be desired. I also love your new video, and your “good pet owner” poop bags.


  4. Daisy says

    SHE always has those little bags when we go walking..and we always make sure SHE gets to pick up some poo!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. says

    Love the cape. We constantly find poop in our front yard and we never poop there. We hope people who don’t scoop start hearing this campaign.

  6. says

    I wish I could be a Scooper Hero too, sadly my mom missed the campaign. And to clean up behind a dog is so much important. No onje wants decorated shoes. Have a great Monday dear Sugar!

  7. says

    Oh Sugar!! You look pawesome as a Scooper Hero! Great job on the Scoop That Poop website and big thank you again to Dogster for the great infographic!
    Scooper Oz

  8. says

    Great cape, Sugar! You have quite a talented Mom!! :-)

    I try to clean up the girls’ poop at least once every day — especially if it’s a rainy day — but sometimes I don’t have the time, so it has to wait a day or two. But I don’t wait more than two days. We haven’t been to the park lately because I got fed up with having to walk around another dog’s poop….sorry, but I just can’t clean up after someone else’s dog(s). I let the girls do their zoomies around our yard, and once in a while at the church ball field across the street, but still needing to be careful with Callie so she doesn’t re-injure her knee.

  9. says

    Great way to spread the word, Sugar! I love the cape and those bags. We shared the infographic on Facebook, I think a lot of people really think it’s ok to throw the poop in the woods and things like that. They don’t realize it’s polluting (I didn’t used to either).

  10. says

    Pawsome way to keep spreading the word, Sugar! I love your cape! You truly are a Scooper Hero!
    Sorry I didn’t create a post for today’s hop. I will still be sure to share the campaign by sharing other people’s posts!

  11. says

    Love your cape Sugar…You are a Scooper Hero…The hop and the campaign are such a great way to get the message out and each month that we remind folks the message will spread…Scoop That Poop EVERY time

  12. says

    So true Sugar!!! Always scoop that poop!!! And if those thin bags gross out your peeps, get the black poop bags like my Ma gets….can’t see the contents!!! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  13. says

    Thank you so much for organizing this blog hop! It is such an important topic and it is wonderful way to make a positive change in our communities! Also, love your video, Spencer gives it two paws up!!! :)

  14. CharleyChops says

    My Mummy loves this campaign, I am sitting on the fence (which is uncomfy!) because I golden love to sniff what other dogs leave behind… Mummy says she doesn’t, odd but true. But what gets Mummy really mad, is the amount of cat poop in our area. There are alot of cats and thus alot of poop, on pathways and in the fields. Now , I love to nibble on cat poop but am sick and tired of Mummy yelling. So in order to go cold turkey we need to find a way to stop the cats pooping! BOL!

  15. says

    This is fantastic, I’m only sad that I missed the blog hop! I love your video and linked it on my own awareness raising blog, and of course I love golden retrievers. It’s so gross, just today my 18-month old son almost stepped in dog poop and I grazed a piece in some tall grass – gross!