Sammy, My Golden Friend Fighting Canine Cancer

November is Canine Cancer Awareness Month.
Our friends from PetCareRx has been spreading the word this Pet Cancer Awareness Month about how many pets are diagnosed with cancer and how concerned pet parents can help.

Did you know that approximately 60% of Golden Retrievers will die from cancer? That’s almost double the rate of cancer in all dogs. We think that is just too many. From UC Davis Veterinary Medicine, here’s Three Facts About Cancer in Golden Retrievers:

57% of males will die from cancer
66% of females will die from cancer
The most common cancers are hemangiosarcoma and lymphoma

At 2 years old, My Golden Friend Sammy was rescued from GR rescue of Mid Florida. Last June at 8yrs old, Sammy suddenly collapsed from a walk and was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma. Sammy did not exhibit any cancer symptoms prior to his collapse as there usually is not with this type of cancer. A large mass and spleen was removed from Sammy. Hemangiosarcorma is a type of cancer that’s terminal. Sammy’s family have elected not to do Chemotherapy, as it would not benefit him that much.

Sammy’s family decided a holistic approach with a special diet full of high protein, green vegetables, healthy fruits low in sugar & herbal supplements. In addition, Sammy gets massages for his back legs to give him some comfort as well.

Sammy Rescued Forever, Golden Retriever Fighting Canine Cancer

Most importantly, Sammy’s family focus is giving him a positive spirit everyday so he can keep fighting & remain strong. He gets regular exercise which is important for his overall well-being physically & mentally. They are also involved in a lot of local community groups/foundation creating awareness for Canine Cancer.

Morris Animal Foundation is a nonprofit organization that helps animals enjoy longer and healthier lives. They currently invited Golden Retrievers to partake in their Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. It will be the largest and longest dog study ever undertaken. 3,000 Golden Retrievers will be studied for at least 10 years, to gather data on genetics, environment, and diet factors that may lead to cancer. The goal is to learn how to better prevent and treat canine cancer, and make for healthier generations of Golden Retrievers.
If you have a Golden Retriever, check and enroll your dog in the study, or help spread the word to other dog parents and veterinarians.

Read more about Sammy on his FB Page Sammy Rescued Forever.
Golden LOVE Sammy’s photos, he often wears a bandana, hat and shades.
Loving LIFE while Fighting Canine Cancer
Sammy Rescued Forever, Fighting Canine Cancer

PetCareRx Cancer Awareness

Lots of Golden Thanks to PetCareRx for the additional Golden Retriever Cancer data/information. We are inviting everyone to help PetCareRx raise $5,000 for the National Canine Cancer Foundation – head over to PetCareRx Facebook Page – for every “like,” they’ll donate 50 cents, “Put A Paws on Cancer.”

Lots of Golden LVE n Woofs


  1. says

    We had a horrible scare were we thought that Norbert had hamangiosarcoma. They thought he had a mass in his spleen but it was a false alamr thank god. Im amazed that Sammy is still with his family at 6months, how wonderful. When I read online on this cancer it said that survival was usually only a few weeks

    urban hounds

  2. says

    So sorry to hear of Sammy’s diagnosis. His family sounds like very loving, sensible people. I love the collage of his photos, showing what a vital personality he has. Canine cancer is a scourge and that it strikes lovable Goldens so disproportionally seems especially cruel. Ihope the studies lead to some answers and better treatments.

  3. MadSnapper says

    i have seen so much pet cancer in the blogs and on the news. i didn’t know about the high risk for guldens. my heart hurts for Sammy and his family… we discuss often what is happening here that so many pets have cancer.. I wonder if it is the same in Europe

  4. CharleyChops says

    A big golden tail-wag to all those dogs with cancer. I lost my best friend, Leon, to liver cancer last year and I miss him every day. Every time I walk passed his garden I try looking for him…. one day he’ll be there, I’m sure of it!

  5. says

    Sugar, I hope Sammy will win this fight. We lost two dogs because of cancer and our greatest wish is that we will find a cure once. Cancer tortures peeps and pets and I hope for a world without the big bad C.

  6. says

    Sugar, this is such an important post. Thank you for working with PetCareRX to spread awareness about Canine Cancer. (I already “like” their page so I guess I cannot help donate.) Your friend Sammy is super Golden special! I am so sorry he has cancer but look at how happy and cute he is…it’s always good to keep one’s spirits up…I believe it helps ease the pain a bit.
    *Cairn cuddles*

  7. says

    So sorry about Sammy! I’m glad to see that he has such a dedicated family to love him and help him make the most of whatever time he has left!

    When Shadow’s littermate, Emma, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in February 2012, Shadow was recovering from surgery to remove a benign hemangioma from her throat. Thankfully, it has never returned! And Emma is still in remission 21 months later. I have made donations to Morris Animal Foundation in her honor and in memory of two of my friends’ dogs that died of the evil “C word”. I thought they only wanted Goldens under a certain age for the study.

  8. says

    We’re sending purrs and positive thoughts to Sammy! Our sisfur Sadie was taken from us by cancer so we wish one day there’s a cure for cancer.

  9. carolyn says

    Hi Sugar,
    We lost your brother Sebastian this summer to cancer. He had bone cancer and lost his leg. We miss him a lot but a little golden puppy has come to live with us now. His name is Drake.

  10. Linda says

    My 10 year old female golden died of hemangiosarcoma. It was around her heart. She just jumped off the bed one morning and collapsed. We took her to the ER but there was nothing they could do for her so we had to let her go to the rainbow bridge. Out of the 6 dogs I have had in my lifetime, 4 have died of cancer. The male golden I have now, Woody, is 10 years old and full of fatty tumors. I fear that one of them will become cancerous. Canine cancer is a horrible disease. I pray every day that there is some progress made to combat this hideous disease. Dogs are way too precious and wonderful to be brought down by such a disease.

  11. says

    It looks like Sammy is living a good life for the time he has left. I hope your friend is around for a long time to come, Sugar. Those statistics are awful, and I hope all the research being done finds some answers.