The Pits: Captain Kramer and His Dog Corporal Shadow’s Duty

The Pits is a fictional crime novel written by Greg Smith. It’s about Captain Kramer, a United States Marine, who rescued a dog from Afghanistan. He named the dog, Corporal Shadow. They were inseparable and developed a strong connection for each other. When they returned to CA, they both got involved in local street gang campaigns and organization that practices the bloody sport of dog-fighting.

The Pits Book Review

You’ll be engross reading The Pits. A great weekend book to read. Some scenes in the book are very descriptive, making it vivid and graphic but not offensive.

Sugar Reads The Pits

Reading the book, makes me think of the dogs that are getting hurt from dog-fighting. It is illegal and it is a cruel inhumane sport. So sad to read on a recent article, “Experts said dog fighting exists in every state and every city in the country. Experts said the dogs are often held in chains that weigh as much as the dogs themselves.” It’s heart breaking to know that dog fighting is an on-going problem. It is the most vicious thing one can do with an animal for a financial gain.

ASPCA has several articles about dog fighting, click here to read it.

The Pits by Greg Smith

Golden Thanks to Greg Smith for providing us a copy of The Pits.
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Disclaimer: Mr. Smith provided Golden Woofs a copy of The Pits.  Golden Woofs was not compensated for this book review post.


    • says

      G’day Daisy,

      I sincerely hope that you will check my book out. I can guarantee that you will not find it depressing. The scenes involving dogfights might be a trifle nerve racking for some (and you can always skip over those pages) but overall I tried hard to keep t a positive tone to my book.

      You may find the sequel more compelling. I’m working on it right now and hope to have it out by FALL this year.


  1. says

    I’ll check it out.
    Animal fighting is so cruel – impossible to understand if one doesn’t share the mind-set. And who would want to share that mind set?

  2. Frankie and Ernie says

    WE do NOT understand WHY peeps would want to force Dogs or Roosters to FIGHT. It is sooooooo cruel.
    Thanks fur the super review of this book.

  3. says

    There is nothing that angers me more than animal abuse or dog fighting. Sounds like a great book; so glad you reviewed it! I will check it out on Amazon.
    Have a great day Sugar.
    Noreen & Hunter

  4. says

    We just can’t imagine dog fighting and that it actually happens. We never hear about it, but maybe in the outlying areas is where it is at. A terrible thing.

  5. says

    I can’t understand people who like dog fights. Many thanks for a great review Sugar. Maybe the book will help people to understand how cruelty this kind of “sport” is.

  6. says

    Thanks for sharing your review. Dog fighting is unfortunately running rampant in the south. I think the people responsible should be forced to fight while the dogs go play. There is a special place in Hell for people that fight dogs. GRRRR!

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    Can you read Sugar? We thought you might prefer an audio book BOL! Thanks for the review! Don’t forget tomorrow we post the link to the TOP SECRET Pawty!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley